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Movies and TV shows have been at the core of entertainment for decades now, but with the availability and power of the internet, more and more people are moving online for all of their entertainment needs. Netflix – the pioneer streaming entertainment service that started it all, and current giant of the industry – is great if you’re willing to shell out for a monthly fee. However, if not, there are always plenty of free alternatives out there if you know where to look.

What is CouchTuner?

One really popular alternative could have been the free movies and TV site known as CouchTuner. At its peak, CouchTuner was one of the most popular places on the internet to watch your favorite video content – all for free, without need for registration or personal information. However, with its growing popularity, CouchTuner inadvertently caught the eye of copyright enforcement agencies who stopped at nothing to bring the free online service down to its knees.

CouchTuner is yet another fallen service that will be remembered by fans around the world for providing high-quality content free of charge. But while we mourn the loss of this champion of the people, we are fortunate that there are plenty of other great places online to watch the latest and greatest content without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Top 7 CouchTuner Alternatives

If you miss CouchTuner, fret not! These alternatives offer some of the best viewing experiences one can find online without having to pay good money, and unlike other platforms that take advantage of their users, the popular online destinations have been vetted for positive user experiences across the board.


Alternatives to CouchTuner - theWatchSeries

TheWatchSeries – Alternatives to CouchTuner

TheWatchSeries is arguably one of the most famous free online TV sites, and what started as a great place to watch TV shows eventually evolved into what it is now – an all-in-one entertainment center where you can watch the latest and greatest movies, TV shows, anime, and even dramas.

In addition to its incredibly huge catalog of free video content, TheWatchSeries also has some great premium features that you’d only expect from paid subscriptions. One of our favorite features on TheWatchSeries is the Subscribe option that lets you subscribe to a certain series or TV show so that you get a notification every time a new episode becomes available. TheWatchSeries also offers all of its content in high definition, so you’re getting premium video quality on a service that’s completely free.

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Alternatives to CouchTuner

FMovies – Alternatives to CouchTuner

When it comes to providing the best viewing experience online and for free, FMovies is tough to beat. It has a wide selection of movies and TV shows ranging from old-time classics to the latest blockbuster hits to lesser-known hidden gems, and the site itself is designed in such a way that makes navigation easy and intuitive. However, the reason why we love to recommend FMovies is that, unlike almost every other free online movies site out there, FMovies is one of the rare few that won’t pester you with intrusive advertising.

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Despite being absolutely free, FMovies and sites like it have to make money somehow, and usually that somehow is through online advertising. Some sites do it great, others do okay, and others still are absolutely annoying to deal with because of pesky ads. In this regard, FMovies stands at the top by doing away with intrusive advertising entirely. Just head on over to their website, find a movie or TV show you want to watch, and that’s it. No need to hunt down deceptively placed X’s – FMovies lets you go straight to your content of choice.


Alternatives to CouchTuner

Rainierland – Alternatives to CouchTuner

Rainierland (currently Lunchflix) is a free online movies site that’s been around for the better part of a decade, and while it doesn’t boast as large a selection of movies and TV shows as other sites like CouchTuner or Putlocker, it does stand out as the place to go when you’re looking for the highest quality video content to sink your teeth into.

At Rainierland, the name of the game isn’t quantity – it’s overwhelming quality. Curated and handpicked movies are hosted in the highest definition, so not only are you getting the best, most popular movies and blockbuster hits, but you’re also given the opportunity to watch them in high-quality HD, without having to pay a cent. What’s even better is that, because of how the platform works, you won’t even have to deal with pesky advertising. Plus, if you’re the type who wants to watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows with as little broadcast delay as possible, Rainierland uploads episodes almost as soon as they broadcast officially.


Alternatives to CouchTuner 2021. Here is the list of 7 best sites like coke and popcorn. All of the listed sites are active

When you compare it to movie and TV show giants like Putlocker and WatchFree, Popcornflix stands tall as one of the best places on the internet to watch your favorite content. It’s got a great selection of the best (but maybe not the latest) flicks, a clean, easy-to-use interface, and a boatload of great features.

One of the best reasons people choose Popcornflix is because it’s one of the few options out there that’s completely legal. It doesn’t break any copyright laws. It also has a fresh selection of Popcornflix Originals – original movies and TV shows that you won’t find anywhere else. The best part? Popcornflix is available for unlimited access viewing for absolutely free. The site runs on ads though, so there are a few pesky ones here and there. It’s not the best at handling ads, but it’s far from being the worst – and for the content it offers, that’s good enough in our book!



Xfinity offers such a polished, premium experience that it rivals that of popular web-based TV giants like Netflix and Hulu. Of course, because of its sketchier tactics, it’s never going to get as much acclaim or become as popular, but among free online movie watchers, Xfinity may just be the next big thing.

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It may not be as widespread as Putlocker or 123 Movies, but Xfinity is one of the best options out there if you’re looking for a good alternative to CouchTuner. One of the best features about Xfinity is that it allows you – freely and easily, without having to register or provide any kind of information about yourself – to download movies and TV shows directly onto your device for absolutely free.

If you’re not sold on Xfinity already, it’s also one of the free online movie sites that receive tons of praise and recommendations for how they handle advertising. Most of these platforms make most of their revenue through ads – hence the typically annoying, intrusive ads you come across on similar platforms – but Xfinity keeps the ads – and the interruptions – to a minimum for a great user experience overall.


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Soap2day has a great selection of films and TV shows. In fact, it’s one of the best we’ve seen since the catalog includes content across all the popular genres – action, drama, horror, comedy, and more. However, as if that wasn’t enough, Soap2day offers a terrific user experience across the board with a plethora of great features, high-definition content, and super clean user interface that’s fun to use and easy to navigate.

In terms of features, Soap2day has so many great ones that it’s hard to believe it’s a free online service instead of your typical paid subscription. These features include a nifty sort feature that lets you view your favorite content according to Genre and Category. The homepage also features the Top most viewed films and TV shows so you always know what’s popular and trending. Soap2day also lets you save content in a way similar to bookmarks so you always have quick access to your favorite shows and most re-watched movies.

As if that wasn’t enough, Soap2day also lets its users request content. The catalog is pretty comprehensive already, but in case there’s a show you want to watch that isn’t available on the platform, making a request is easy and straightforward. Just put in a little request to get your content of choice put on Soap2day, and they’ll work their magic to make it happen.

Café Movie Reborn

Café Movie Reborn - Alternatives to CouchTuner, Best alternatives to CouchTuner, Best Working Couchtuner Alternatives, couchtuner eu, couchtuner movies, couchtuner ag, couchtuner au, 
couchtuner alternatives reddit, new couchtuner site, couchtuner reddit, free couchtuner,

Café Movie used to be one of the best places online to watch movies and films, but it ran into some problems a while back, much to the disappointment of its fans around the world. Recently, Café Movie came back to the fray as Café Movie Reborn, this time with a stronger selection of great video content and, true to its name, lots of indie titles from all over the world.

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Granted, Café Movie Reborn doesn’t have the widest selection – it definitely lacks the latest blockbusters and a handful of the latest and most popular TV series – but it more than makes up for it in terms of more exotic types of content. Café Movie Reborn has a great selection of classic titles, and if you use the sort function to browse by language, you’ll discover that it has an excellent catalogue of foreign films and TV shows from countries all over the world, even quite possibly in different native tongues.

Alternatives to CouchTuner

What Happened To Couchtuner?

It appears that Couchtuner was shut down because of a copyright lawsuit. Couchtuner, which is a popular site that allows TV lovers to stream free movies and TV series online, has been taken down.

Is Couchtuner Down?

Well, Couchtuner is not down. The error you are getting is due to a copyright issue. Couchtuner provides links to stream the content online directly, thereby violating the copyrights. There are some illegal versions of this website that are hosting the same shows, but there is a difference between the official Couchtuner website and these pirate sites.

Some pirate sites have pirated copyrighted content, which is actually stolen by the site owners. Over the years, the Couchtuner website has collected the best sources for movies, shows and serials, and they are updating the website on a regular basis. This is why they have become the number one online destination for watching TV shows.

Are Couchtuner Alternatives Free? 

Yes, most of the Couchtuner Alternatives are. It will probably take some time for you to find the best alternatives to Couchtuner. But we have a list of great Couchtuner Alternatives here. Make sure to check the list frequently as new alternatives to Couchtuner are added to the list on a daily basis.

Is CouchTuner a safe website?

Yes. Couchtuner is a very safe website. There are no malware or viruses to be found. But many free movie sites are not safe because of the illegal content that they share. The longer answer is that these sites may not be as harmful as other online threats (like malware or viruses), but they can still get you in trouble with the law.

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