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Everybody’s spending more and more time at home with quarantines to combat COVID-19 still in effect around the world. While some have thrown themselves at work, lost themselves completely, or still trying to figure out what to do with their newfound free time, many have taken to the internet and picked up a new hobby, started a new show, or are finally getting around to watching that movie bucket list that ended up getting buried under all the other things that life throws your way.

If you’re looking for the best online destinations to stream everything from your favorite movies to obscure TV shows from the 1970s, your best bet might just be Putlocker.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker was one of the most popular online streaming sites where people could go and watch their favorite movies and TV shows for absolutely free. No registration, no “free trial” – just a massive catalog of movies available online for free. Since its launch in 2011, Putlocker has enjoyed widespread popularity because of its accessibility and ease of use. With one of the largest selections of film and TV titles – from the most popular to the incredibly obscure – Putlocker also became one of the prime targets of copyright enforcement agencies, which eventually won against the illegal streaming giant in 2017 after a lengthy legal battle that saw several short-lived attempts to revive the platform.

Today, Putlocker is remembered as one of the most well-known streaming platforms ever to gain worldwide renown, receiving over 1.6 million visits per day at the peak of its popularity. However, despite the legal backlash against Putlocker and its derivatives, there remain several online streaming platforms that offer free online viewing for movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. If you’re looking for the best alternatives for Putlocker, check out the list below for the sites with the largest catalogs and the easiest access – no registration or credit card required.

Top 6 Putlocker Alternatives


123Movies is Alternatives to SockShare and putlocker

Any list of top-performing online streaming platforms would be incomplete without 123Movies. Although still quite a ways from the popularity of Putlocker at its peak, 123Movies currently holds the title for having the largest selection of films and TV shows available online for absolutely free.

123Movies boasts an impressive library with millions of titles indexed from all over the internet. While other streaming sites offer a pretty wide and varied selection, if you can’t find it anywhere else, chances are it’ll be available on 123Movies.

Another reason behind the popularity of this streaming platform is its well-organized interface that prioritizes minimalist ease-of-use and user-friendly navigation. Despite the massive library of media available on 123Movies, users have no trouble navigating the platform and finding the films and TV shows they want to watch.

Although the name suggests it’s a better place for movies than anything else, 123Movies also has a very varied selection of titles, which includes foreign films, asian TV shows, and even western cartoons. You might even be able to find some popular anime on the site, but you might have better luck with that on Anime-centric platforms like KissAnime and its alternatives.

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SolarMovies - Alternatives to Putlocker

SolarMovies isn’t that popular. In fact, if you’ve been a Putlocker user your whole career as an online pirate, you’ve probably never heard of it. However, despite its lack of recognition or mass appeal, SolarMovies is slowly becoming one of the best online streaming platforms out there. And besides, when you’re dealing with unlicensed content viewing, the less people know about it, the better.

SolarMovies is a premiere destination for movie watching, but it also lends itself well to TV show marathons because of its wide and varied selection of films and television series, from some of the most popular to the most obscure. Foreign films and Asian dramas are also available in troves on SolarMovies, so if you’re ever in the mood for something other than the usual Western-flavored movie fare, SolarMovies has quite the selection that’s bound to have something for all tastes and moods, whether you’re up for some action, romance, comedy, horror, or whatever else may tickle your fancy.

If you love watching movies and TV shows online, you’re probably no stranger to the in-your-face advertising that most streaming platforms employ on their websites. After all, ad revenue is what keeps most of these platforms up and running, so a few intrusive ads are a small price to pay for a huge catalog of movies that you can watch whenever, wherever, for free. However, if the ads get confusing and misleading – which they often do – SolarMovies offers a refreshing take on advertising in that their website is more easily navigable so you won’t fall prey to too many fake buttons that might lead you away from the content you want, instead of towards.

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Popcornflix - Alternatives to Putlocker

It might not have the international recognition of sites like 123Movies and Putlocker, but Popcornflix is a solid contender for one of the best online streaming sites out there. In fact, for mobile users – if you prefer the flexibility of a smartphone or tablet to the larger screen of a laptop, PC, or TV – Popcornflix offers an unparalleled mobile viewing experience thanks to its mobile-optimized layout and page design. Unlike other platforms that stream videos in formats that smartphones might have difficulty with, Popcornflix is fully optimized for mobile viewing, so you’re unlikely to bump into video format support errors that can interrupt your viewing experience.

Popcornflix has a great selection of films – from the latest blockbusters to old-timey classics – so you’re bound to find all kinds of titles to satisfy your movie cravings. However, unlike Putlocker, Popcornflix doesn’t host any TV shows or docu series – is strictly movies only. Despite that, Popcornflix remains the ultimate online destination for watching movies on your mobile device, whether you’re running iOS or Android.

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Fmovies - Alternatives to Putlocker

Fmovies is another great site for streaming your favorite movies, but watch out all you TV show lovers – this website is strictly for movies. Despite the film-only selection, Fmovies has a huge catalog of movies ranging from the latest and greatest blockbuster hits to all-time favorites and remasters from the 20th Century.

Like many of the other sites on this list, Fmovies has a built-in sorting function that lets you navigate its catalog with ease. It lets you browse and sort through thousands of films by genre, and filter those results by latest additions or most watched so you can easily find a film that piques your interest.

However, unlike most, Fmovies has a very well-refined search function that makes it a top-tier choice for when you already know what you want to watch. The search function is easy to use and gives you the best results each and every time so you don’t have to sort through irrelevant search results to find the movie you want to watch. Of course, if you’d rather sift through the entire catalog to watch something a little unexpected or off-beat, that’s easy to do, too, thanks to the excellent site navigation, but Fmovies really shines when you’re looking for a specific title and want the best search results as fast as possible.

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AZ Movies

Alternatives to Putlocker

One of the biggest struggles for online movie streamers is finding a movie or TV show you want to watch and then realizing – to your great chagrin – that for some reason or other, the link is dead and the video is no longer available. There are a lot of reasons behind this occurrence – sometimes it’s copyright enforcement taking down file mirrors. Sometimes, it’s just an issue with file hosting or an unresolved server issue. Whatever the case, finding a dead link to the shows and films you want to watch is disappointing. Fortunately, AZ Movies saves the day by being the de facto streaming site with the most number of links in its movie index.

While other online media streaming sites take pride in their movie/TV show catalog, AZ Movies is well-known for providing an outstanding number of links for the content it has available. That way, even if you come across a few dead ones, a few broken links or unavailable videos, you’ll still have plenty of file mirrors to choose from so your media viewing can continue uninterrupted.

Another great thing about AZ Movies is its streamlined user interface. You can expect fast loading times and speedy searches on this website, as long as you can tolerate the messy homepage with a lot of advertising clutter. Another point against AZ Movies is the presence of incessant advertising pop-ups that can get annoying if you’re looking to watch a lot of films in quick succession.

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Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a good Alternatives to SolarMovie
Yes! Movies is a good alternative to Putlocker

It might not boast the largest selection of films or TV shows, but Yes! Movies is a great place to watch new and off-beat films and TV series, especially if you’re looking for some top-tier infotainment. What it lacks in blockbuster films and popular TV shows, Yes! Movies makes up for it with an astounding catalog of interesting documentaries on all sorts of topics. Scientific exposés, paranormal investigations, true crime dramas and more are all available in troves at Yes! Movies.

You’ll be able to watch more typical movie fare, too, since there are plenty of great films and TV shows available on Yes! Movies, but you’ll definitely notice right away that it’s not as fleshed-out as other streaming sites on this list.

In any case, Yes! Movies has a great layout and intuitive navigation that makes it a great choice for when you don’t want to deal with the usual hassle of dealing with iffy navigation and aggressive advertising.

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Watch Free Movies New Year Holiday

There are plenty of great streaming sites out there, each with their own specialties. Some sites may lend themselves well to movie marathons, while others offer a more refined selection if you’re up for obscure films. Others still are a great place to find a variety of things to watch – from movies, to TV shows, to documentaries – so the best Putlocker alternative out there all depends on what you want to watch.

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