Alternatives To SolarMovie 2022

Cable TV is one the wane, and more and more people today have taken to the internet for their day-to-day entertainment. Unlike Cable TV, where you are at the mercy of broadcasting networks and commercial breaks, online streaming services let you pause and play whenever, gives you control over things like audio language and subtitles, and let you stop watching and pick up exactly where you left off, hassle-free. It’s easier, more convenient, and the most enjoyable way to consume popular media.

However, most of these online content streaming services require you to pay money to use them, and while most people are willing to pay a fee for the convenience and user-friendliness of these platforms, there are many, many others who prefer a free internet that isn’t dominated by giant entertainment conglomerates. For those people, there are lots of great options out there, just like SolarMovie.

What is SolarMovie?

Alternatives to SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a website that offers free online content viewing by providing users with links and mirrors to an index of movies and TV shows hosted all across the internet. Through SolarMovie, users can find films, TV shows, documentaries, and other kinds of media and watch them online for free by streaming video content directly to their screens. SolarMovie is one of many websites that offers this kind of online service for free – no registration, payment, or credit card information required.

But how does a site like SolarMovie make money doing what it’s doing? Simple: advertising revenues. Every time you visit these websites, you’re exposed to all kinds of advertising. For some of them, it’s as simple and unobtrusive as banner ads that line the webpage you’re currently viewing, but for others, these online ads can get downright intrusive and annoying. Of course, ad blockers work wonders in these situations, but also consider viewing the ads to support those who provide movies and tv shows online for free.

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Top 7 SolarMovie Alternatives

While SolarMovie remains one of the best places online to watch movies and TV shows for free, its growing popularity also puts it in danger of being shut down or ISP-blocked depending on where you live in the world. Sites like SolarMovie are notorious for evading copyright laws and infringing on intellectual properties, and authorities are always cracking down on their operations and those of their ilk, while some places ban the site entirely, making it impossible to even visit SolarMovie without a proxy. Watch TV with LG.

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In case SolarMovie goes down or you find it inaccessible through regular means, here are a list of excellent alternatives where you can get your movie/TV show fix online for free.

YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies is the best Alternatives to SolarMovie

Anyone who’s familiar with downloading movies and TV shows online through bittorrent sites and magnet URLs should be well acquainted with the popular uploading outfit known as YIFY. If you’ve ever had to search for a movie to watch online, then you’ve most likely seen the name YIFY inserted at the end of the links and file names of your preferred content. Although YIFY used to just provide magnet URLs to movies and TV shows that they hosted P2P, YIFY Movies is a new website that lets you stream movies directly without having to download.

If you’re looking for an alternative to SolarMovie, YIFY Movies is probably your best bet. Not only do they have one of the most amazing catalogs of movies from the past century – seriously, you’ll be able to find everything from the most popular blockbusters to the most obscure films on this site – but they also have a great user interface, a smooth search function, and tens of thousands of feature-length films available for your viewing pleasure – all for free.

One thing you might not find on YIFY Movies, however, is a wide selection of TV shows. While their movie catalog is just about unparalleled, SolarMovie fans who love watching series on the platform may be disappointed to find out that YIFY Movies hosts just that – movies, and little more.

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Movie4K is an Alternatives to SolarMovie

When most people look to watch movies and TV shows online, they don’t often seek such luxuries as 4K resolution. In fact, most of these online video content sites offer 1080p Full HD resolution maximum, since it costs more to host videos in 4K.

However, if you want the 4K experience without having to shell out your hard-earned cash for a popular online TV subscription, you now have the option to watch your favorite films and TV series in glorious 4K online for free thanks to Movie4K.

As the name suggests, Movie4K takes pride in the fact that it is one of a few – and the most popular one among them – that hosts movies in 4K resolution for free, no registration or payment required.

Rainierland.Pro aka Lunchflix

Alternatives to SolarMovie

Rainierland Pro has been around for quite a while now, and many of us still remember downloading movies and TV shows from the website since the early parts of the past decade. What started out as a humble collection of films and TV series so generously hosted online for free has since become one of the best collections of curated content.

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While it’s definitely one of the most popular platforms for streaming movies and tv shows online for free, it’s not without its caveats. For example, because of the way it presents its content, Rainierland Pro won’t have the widest selection of films and movies, but you will definitely the find the most popular and current ones available. Since its curated, you’ll also discover some hidden gems and unlikely treasures that are often overlooked by the masses, so you’re assured of quality content every time.

With its rising popularity, Rainierland Pro has also come under fire for copyright infringement, but the platform has so far managed to stay alive, adopting different names and alternating between them from time to time. If you’re a newcomer to the platform, you may know Rainierland Pro by its more recent name, Lunchflix.

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Vumoo.To as an Alternatives to SolarMovie

Simple and straightforward, Vumoo.To is currently one of the most popular places to watch movies and TV shows for absolutely free. Its streamlined user interface and quick search features make it a breeze to navigate, while its incredible catalog of videos, movies, and TV shows means there’s plenty of content for everybody.

Unlike other SolarMovie alternatives, Vumoo.To holds a special place in our hearts because of its low-key advertising. While most websites barrage their users with all kinds of advertising – most of the time, so intrusive that it gets in the way of the user experience – Vumoo.To does a great job with unobtrusive, well-placed ads that keep the website up and running without compromising the users.

Due to its popularity, Vumoo.To has also had to evade attacks from copyright enforcement agencies, so you may find it under a different name from time to time. Currently, you can find Vumoo.To as 9pm.To, but you’ll still be able to experience the smooth navigation and easy viewing that Vumoo.To is known for.

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Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a good Alternatives to SolarMovie

Another great option for watching movies and TV shows online for free is Yes! Movies. Like the other options mentioned in this list, Yes! Movies offers a great variety of content to cater to various tastes and moods, specifically for your viewing pleasure.

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Yes! Movies’ best feature is that it allows you to sort through the movie and TV show catalog according to country of origin, making it one of the best platforms to use when you’re looking for obscure foreign films and TV shows from all over the world.

Fans of documentaries and docu-series also prefer Yes! Movies over other alternatives because of its wide selection of informative and educational content, particularly in terms of forensic, scientific, and historical films and television series.

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hulu is an excellent Alternatives to SolarMovie

If you’re not against paying for your content, one of the best options out there right now is Hulu. Similar to Netflix, Disney Plus, and all those other subscription-based movie and TV platforms, Hulu offers one of the best catalogs of great and interesting things to watch whenever you’re in the mood.

Although it’s not as popular as Netflix (at this point, very few subscription services are as popular and widespread as Netflix) Hulu manages to be one of the top contenders for the online content streaming throne with hundreds of the most popular series and feature-length films available in its catalog.

One of the reasons why Hulu lags a tiny bit behind Netflix is that it still doesn’t have the same international accessibility as the latter, with several regions around the globe still restricted from using the platform. However, if you do have access to Hulu, we – along with hundreds of thousands of other happy subscribers – have found Hulu to be the far superior subscription. Plus, Hulu’s partnered with Disney so you can get both subscriptions in a discounted bundle along with ESPN+.

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123Movies is an excellent Alternatives to SolarMovie

123Movies is one of the most popular websites today that lets you watch movies and TV shows online for free. After the fall of Putlocker, 123Movies quickly rose to take its place as the most visited free online movie sites, and for good reason.

123Movies has an incredible catalog of movies and TV shows, and their indexes include multiple mirror servers so you never have a hard time dealing with broken links and unavailable content.

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