Alternatives to TheWatchSeries 2021

Alternatives to TheWatchSeries
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Everyone’s spending more time than ever at home, what with the social restrictions brought about by the current pandemic. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there’s so much to do at home. Those feeling particularly productive can take up a new hobby or learn a new skill, but for those who need to unwind and escape problematic reality for a while, there are literally unlimited options when it comes to stress-relieving entertainment. Whether you’re up for some good old fashioned television, or want something a little more robust, there’s something for everybody on the worldwide web.

What is TheWatchSeries?

If you’re into binge watching your favorite shows, or spending days at a time catching up on your movie watchlist, TheWatchSeries would have been an ideal online destination for your viewing pleasure.

However, thanks to the incessant efforts of DMCA enforcement, TheWatchSeries is no longer the most reliable source of free online entertainment. Fortunately, there are hundreds of alternatives available that’ll help you scratch your movie/TV itch.

Top 10 TheWatchSeries Alternatives

Out of all the possible alternatives to TheWatchSeries that you can find online, these 10 are the ones we recommend the most. When it comes to free online movie sites, there are far too many that take advantage of its users by over-advertising, or worse, purposefully spreading malware and mining software that could cause vulnerabilities in the long run. Here are the best places on the internet to go when you want to watch movies and TV shows for free.


Putlocker is good Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

Putlocker is the go-to website if you’re in the mood to watch literally anything – and we mean anything. In addition to its widespread popularity as one of the most visited websites for streaming online video content for free, Putlocker also has one of the largest catalogs of movies and TV shows across every single genre, including lesser-known films and foreign movies of both international renown and obscurity.

If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to TheWatchSeries where you can find all of your favorite shows and TV series to watch online for absolutely free, very few do it better than Putlocker. Just a heads up, though: because of its popularity, Putlocker may not always be online and its domain name may change from time to time to avoid the watchful eye for copyright enforcement agencies and intellectual property owners. Fortunately, there are plenty more alternatives to choose from! Read on to find out more.

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123Movies is excellent Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

A perennial favorite among free online movie watchers, 123 Movies hosts a spectacular catalog of the latest movies and TV shows. With its simple and intuitive user interface and wide selection of content to choose from, 123 Movies is a top pick for when you’re looking for the same fix that TheWatchSeries used to provide, if a little different – and maybe even a little better.

Despite its name, 123 Movies isn’t just a place to watch movies, and unlike TheWatchSeries, it’s not just about TV shows either. 123 Movies has one of the most diverse catalogs out there, with everything from the latest movies, the most popular anime, all kinds of TV shows, cartoons, asian dramas, documentaries, and more! 123 Movies is your one-stop shop for the best entertainment on the internet – available for absolutely free.

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SolarMovie is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

A relative newcomer to the scene – especially when compared to long-time favorites like Putlocker and 123 Movies – SolarMovie is an exceptional free online movies site with a super clean user interface, a great search function, and an outstanding selection of the latest and greatest movies and TV shows.

One of the best features that’s unique to SolarMovie is that it lets you freely explore its huge catalog of video content by allowing you to sift through it using a number of filters. Find the latest films and TV series, or view the most popular, or better still, dive through the catalog while selecting genre and country of origin – great for when you’re in the mood for something a little more exotic than mainstream media.

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Vumoo is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

Vumoo may not have the massive popularity of sites like Putlocker – possibly due to the fact that it’s catalog, although great, isn’t as comprehensive as those available on other, larger websites. However, Vumoo makes up for this by providing a super-smooth user experience.

Despite being absolutely free, Vumoo is such a polished and refined video watching experience that it’s hard to believe you didn’t have to pay for it. Its interface is intuitive and well-thought out, with proper graphics and excellent site responsiveness, and despite a few unobtrusive ads, it looks and feels a lot like a proper paid service subscription, like Netflix or Hulu. Plus, all of its content is available in high definition, so you’re really getting a polished viewing experience without paying a single dime. If you want to give back to the people who make this kind of thing possible, make sure you turn off your ad blocker.

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FMovies is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

With a huge selection of movies and TV shows available for free online viewing, FMovies has made a name for itself as one of the better sites for watching your favorite content online. One of its biggest draws is the social experience it provides. If you’re stuck trying to figure out what movie would be perfect for your next indoor date, or which series to sink your teeth into next, FMovies lets you see what’s Trending. Check out what everyone else is watching and take your pick on FMovies.

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YIFY TV is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

If you’re a fan of downloading movies and TV shows to your computer, tablet or smartphone all for free (typically using a bittorrent client), you’ll no doubt be familiar with the content uploading outfit known as YIFY. For years, YIFY has supplied the internet with high-quality movies and TV shows all for free as torrent downloads, but lately they’ve made their uploads available for free online video streaming on YIFY TV.

Don’t let the name fool you – YIFY TV is an excellent alternative to TheWatchSeries because of its wide selection of TV shows and series, but it’s also a great place to watch all kinds of movies. The YIFY TV catalog includes content across all genres of entertainment, from action and adventure to comedy, romance, horror, and more. Unfortunately, most of YIFY TV’s content is Western, so you’ll be hard-up looking for less-popular foreign films and TV shows here.

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Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

With its smooth user interface and great catalog of films and TV shows, Yes! Movies is a top-tier pick for anyone looking to watch the latest blockbusters or the most popular TV series. However, Yes! Movies does outdo other, bigger sites in terms of their educational and informative content. As one of the premier platforms for free online infotainment, Yes! Movies offers a wide selection of documentary films and docu-series from all over the world – from perennial favorites like Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey to more obscure titles like The Iceman Tapes.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to TheWatchSeries, Yes! Movies is already that; but if you want everything TheWatchSeries does plus a little bit extra in the documentaries department, then Yes! Movies has you covered.

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Popcornflix is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

Popcornflix already has one of the best catalogs of movies and TV shows we’ve seen available for free online, but what makes it unique is that it also hosts hundreds of thousands of viral videos – some funny, some downright ridiculous, but all of them entertaining. If you want to take a break from your usual fare – or would prefer to watch something shorter but just as entertaining – check out Popcornflix.

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Hulu is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries

Okay, Hulu’s the only platform on this list that you have to pay for, but at $12.99 a month for all of the content and features it offers, it’s the paid subscription that we love to recommend. Hulu offers one of the biggest catalogs of movies and TV shows out of all the other options out there, but you will miss out on platform exclusives, so that means no Netflix Originals or Amazon Original Series.

However, despite that, Hulu more than makes up for it with a huge catalog of movies and TV shows, plus it’s very own original programming. There are tons of award-winning films and TV series that are exclusive to Hulu, but the biggest draw to the platform is the abundance of features and the overall well-polished user experience.

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Bigstar Movies

Bigstar Movies is Alternatives to TheWatchSeries
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Bigstar Movies may not have the most comprehensive catalog of content for you to watch – it definitely lacks lesser known titles and more obscure foreign films – but if you’re in the mood for blockbuster hits and award-winning movies and TV shows, then Bigstar Movies is the de facto best place to go.

Rather than focusing on providing as wide a selection of films and TV series as possible, Bigstar Movies instead offers only the most popular, most talked about, and most critically-acclaimed content for your viewing pleasure. If you don’t want to sift through dozens of films you don’t really want to watch, Bigstar Movies only gives you the highest rated films so that no matter what you choose, you’re likely to have a good time.

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