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Last updated: January 2024

Apple is one of the leading tech companies around the world that develops unique products that awe the world frequently. Numerous ground-breaking devices have been produced by this big technology company, from Apple I (the first Apple computer) to AirPods Pro. So here is one product that Apple had people really stunned and amazed – the Apple Pencils.

Apple Pencils are digital accessories created for drawing complicated designs whether it be a bewitching portrait or a complex blueprint. Despite the fact that this digital stylus is handy and exciting to use, the Apple Pencil will hurt your budget. But don’t you worry because AliExpress has a load of usable fake Apple Pencils that you can get on a cheaper price point.

You might think that the best drawing experience can only be achieved by using Apple Pencils, but you are wrong. There are alternative Apple Pencils online that are actually pretty great in working with drawing on your favourite phones or tablets.

Here are some of our top picks on:

Best Fake Apple Pencils

Baseus Universal Stylus Pen – Cheap & Reliable Alternative to Apple Pen

fake apple pencil 2nd gen

First on our list is a Universal Stylus Pen produced by Baseus. Like we said before, some Apple Pencil copies are excellent in performance, and Baseus Universal Stylus Pen is one of them. Baseus Universal Stylus Pen comes with a magnetic cap on both tips for protection. This fake Apple Pencil has two kinds of tip – a writing tip and a disk tip. The stylus pen’s barrel also comes with an easy-grip feature that makes it easier for users to hold. What’s amazing about the Baseus Universal Stylus Pen is that the disk tip has a soft silicone that is flexible to bend up to 180°, making it the best fake Apple Pencil in terms of accuracy.

Specifications and other features:
Capacitive stylus pen
Double tip style (writing tip and disk tip)
Soft silicone tip
Stylus pencil made with aluminum alloy and silicone material
Easy tip removal
Replaceable tip
Available in black and silver colors

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Lagava TTPent5 – For Ipads after 2018

Lagava is a popular shop at AliExpress that produces awesome tech accessories. One of their best-sellers Lagava has is the TTPent5. Lagava TTPent5 is a universal stylus pen that has the function to be used with the latest Apple products. The fake Apple Pencil has a palm rejection feature that will allow the users to rest their hands comfortably without damaging the drawing canvas. The TTPent5 is a perfect partner for your device even without wearing a stylus glove. Lagava made sure that the TTPent5 is easy to use, so they crafted the stylus with a long-lasting power source – without a need to connect to Bluetooth.

Specifications and other features:
Stylus pen compatible with new versions of Apple products
With palm rejection feature
No Bluetooth pairing required
Long-lasting battery power (12 hours continuous working)
Can be attached to iPad
With micro-USB charger
With 2x fiber tip
With 1x nanofiber tip

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AIEACH 2 Gen Palm Rejection Pencil

apple pencil alternatives 2019

One of the huge sellers of digital accessories and devices is AIEACH. The shop is also known for selling different variants of Apple Pencil alternatives, and one of their collections is the AIEACH 2 Gen Palm Rejection Pencil. The said stylus pen is made solely for Apple products and is compatible with the later versions. AIEACH 2 Gen Palm Rejection Pencil is the perfect alternative to Apple Pencils and is a good device to make your sketching easier with its support palm rejection feature. The stylus has a design similar to the original Apple Pencils, but the interesting part of the AIEACH 2 Gen stylus is that it has a 1mm fine nib, compared to the bihher nibs of Apple Pencils with a measure of 6mm. Get ahold of this best fake Apple Pencil at

Specifications and other features:
With a unique support palm rejection feature
No delays when drawing/writing
Flawless lines
Anti-scratch fiber tip
Up to 20 hours of continuous use
With 3 extra nibs

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AIEACH 3 Gen Palm Rejection Pencil

Another choice of fake Apple Pencil from AIEACH is the 3 Gen Palm Rejection Pencil. The stylus is simply an upgraded version of 2 Gen, but the scope of Apple devices that 3 Gen supports is even wider (check out the ever increasing supported iPad versions.)

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Specifications and other features:
Wider support of iPad versions (compared to 2 Gen)
12 hours of continuous use
Can write small letters with 1.3mm fine tip (no zoom needed)
One-piece minimal design
Matte grip
Comes with 2 extra removable nibs
Can be attached to iPad
Various colors on sale

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ShellyPen Generic Stylus

Best Fake Apple Pencil AliExpress DHGate Sensitive Tip High Technology

Next is the ShellyPen Generic Stylus. It is the simplest form of a stylus that you can use as an alternative to Apple Pencils even if you are not tech savvy. The ShellyPen has a design of a classic ink-pen that consists of a clip, an aviation-grade aluminium outer cover, and a frosted color on the barrel, making it an excellent non electronic “fake Apple Pencil”. The reviews for ShellyPen is outstanding, so get one now at AliExpress.

Specifications and other features:
For Apple, Android, or Windows devices
Made with aviation-grade aluminum
A flexible transparent disc on the tip with a 360° angle rotation
Multiple colors available

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Best Apple Pencil Replica AliExpress DHGate Sensitive Tip High Quality

SUNTAIHO Pencil 2 has a stunning feature among the rest. While other fake Apple Pencils boast on their tip sizes, the SUNTAIHO Pencil 2’s 1.4mm fine tip can extend based on your choice. The stylus is used without a need to connect to Bluetooth and can work on a wide range of Apple or Google smart products.

Specifications and other features:
With extendable 1.4mm thin tip
Made with metallic material for a classic grip experience
Magnetic charger with a replaceable cap
With free protective pen bag and anti-friction glove
With free 1 rubber tip, and 1 mesh tip
Charger included
Various packages on sale

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Cheap Apple Pencil Alternative AliExpress DHGate Carbon Tip

GOOJODOQ Stylus is the kind of smart pen you might want to check out if you need a straight to the point stylus. It has an easy-grip suited for all ages, and no anti-friction gloves are needed. GOOJODOQ Stylus has a carbon fiber tip with a size of 1mm, perfect for drawing on the tablets, not bad for being one of the best fake Apple Pencils.

Specifications and other features:
Carbonfiber tip (scratch-free)
Easy install of nib
With touch control
Free 3 extra nibs on purchase
Up to 20 hours of non-stop use
With Type-C USB cable for charging

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AIEACH Universal Stylus Pen

Apple Pencil Clone AliExpress DHGate Black White Silver Stylus Pen

This third entry from AIEACH has the function to work not only with Apple products but also with Android and Windows. The Universal Stylus Pen by AIEACH once again proved that there are the best fake Apple Pencils out there just waiting to be grabbed, so go ahead and pruchase your first Universal Stylus Pen.

Specifications and other features:
Plastic barrel, fiber tip
12 hours of maximum use
Power saving feature
Avail with free 2 extra tips, anti-friction gloves
Comes with a cable charger
Functions with Windows, Android, iOS
Black and white varieties

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Apple Pencil Replica AliExpress DHGate Black White Silver Stylus Pen

MISFUN Pencil features a new function, which is the tip-tilt technology. The pen has the ability to adjust the line weight according to the tilt of the nib. It also has a power that can be active for 20 hours. With a 1.2mm thin tip, MISFUN Pencil will give you the best smart tilt experience, a unique feature among the rest of the best fake Apple Pencils.

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Inpher K833 Activ Stylus

Fake Apple Pencil AliExpress DHGate Black White Silver

Coming strong at the last of this list is Inpher K833 Activ Stylus, a formally designed Apple Pencil. With its metallic look and fierce classic body, the Inpher K833 is undoubtedly made for professional presentations and productions. As expected from Inpher, the Activ Stylus rolls with style, but with the right durability – perfect for personal or business use.

Specifications and other features:
Fashionable ink-pen design
Metallic body, perfect for business use
1.8mm nib for a classic look
Fine writing and drawing
Multiple metallic colors on stock

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Do these Cheap Fake Apple Pencil Deserve a Second Look?

In this digital age of ours, drawing on our phones and tablets is a new way to express our artistic souls. It reduces time and effort to buy paint and paper. And using stylus pencils are a great way to not only enjoy drawing but to construct your sketch pixel by pixel – making great, detailed artwork. Have the best writing and drawing experience with the best fake Apple Pencils through

AliExpress is one of the biggest online shopping websites owned by the Alibaba Group, a pioneer in e-commerce. The online shopping website has over 60 million active buyers and even owns more than 50% of e-commerce revenue in China. If you are looking for the best fake Apple Pencils, then AliExpress is the best shop for you.

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