Guide to Find Branded Items and Their Replicas Online 2024

Last updated: January 2024

Replicas of famous branded names are no longer listed explicitly online.

Just a year ago, we could still find branded replicas on AliExpress or DHgate, however it is now more tricky than ever to find designer brands on these popular online marketplace.

We recommend buying the replicas from online ECommerce platforms such as AliExpress or DHgate since they are established and you have Buyer Protection in case things go south.

How to Find Branded Replicas on DHgate

Even in China, IPs and copyrights protection are raised. Selling of counterfeit items is strictly prohibited now on established online market place.

Sellers have to strictly adhere to the genuine product policies otherwise they risk getting de-listed.

How to find what I want on DHGate

After periods of long and continuous feedback and testing, we found some effective hacks that can surely help you to bag that branded item in your cart.

  • Alternate the brand name e.g. Abercrombie & Fitch → Abercr Ombie
  • Search by product name e.g. Nike Air Force 1 Classics → Air Force 1 Classics
  • Use the keywords suggestion tool

DhGate Replica Brand Table

On the hunt for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag or Chanel 19 Bag? Whether you are seeking branded jeans, branded shirts or branded polos or anything branded, find them fast here with our quick links !

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BrandsKeyword(s)/ Search Term(s)Direct link to Find

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercr Ombie / Fitch

Click Here


Adidas / Adey / Adi / Adidos / Shampooers / AD / Abidas

Click Here



Click Here


A stars / Alpine Stars

Click Here

American Eagle

AE Brand / AE T Shirt

Click Here

Arai Cascos


Click Here

Armani Armaniingly

AR / AR watch / AJ, Arma jeans

Click Here


Asics / Asks

Click Here


Enciaga / Veneva

Click Here


Gangster jacket / Tom Cruise Jacket / BSF

Click Here



Click Here



Click Here

Breitlin Relojes

Bentley Watch

Click Here

Bimba & Lola


Click Here


Burbry / Bur / Berry bur / british style / bur women / brand burb / BU

Click Here



Click Here

Calvin Klein

Caven Cloie / Caini Kaier / Calven Kein /Cailv Kelan / Calven

Click Here


Camete / Camel

Click Here

Carolina Herrera


Click Here


c luxury watch

Click Here



Click Here


Double C / CC, Channeles, coco

Click Here

Christian Louboutin (Zapatos)

Christian Shoes / CL Shoes

Click Here


Citizenning / AT / BR / COT

Click Here



Click Here


Desigual bag / sunflower / buterfly / Desigual Spain / desigual spanish / des i gual / gual

Click Here


Die / Dies / Dieseler / Dsl / DISEL

Click Here


Diorissimo / DI*R

Click Here

Disney / Mickey Mouse

Cabeza de Raton

Click Here

Dolce & Gabbana

DR. Martens

Dr Boots / Dr Marteens / Marten Boots / Punk Boots / Dr Martin / Dr Marshern

Click Here


d2 Jeans / d jeans brand / d Squared / DSQ /

Click Here



Click Here

Emporio Armani (Giorgio)

A X man / E A / AR / Armaniingly

Click Here

Fjäll räven kanken

Kanken Backpack

Click Here

Forever 21

F21 / Fv21

Click Here

Franklin & Marshall

FM Clothes / FM Hoodies

Click Here

Free People

Free People Women / Hippie Boho

Click Here


Furly Candy

Click Here

G-star Raw

gs / gstar / raw jeans

Click Here


G A P / G * P / GP mikiny /

Click Here

Gas Monkey Garage

Mono de Gas

Click Here

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand


Click Here


GG / GG Men / GG Women / GG Bag / GG Shoes / GG Belt / GG Sunglasses / Guchi

Click Here


 Guess / GS / G**SS

Click Here



Click Here


sunglasses hawkers

Click Here


Roller skate shoes for kids

Click Here


H C O t-shirt / Hollistes / Hollistants / Hollistic

Click Here



Click Here


TOH / Tag Watch

Click Here

Hugo Boss

HB / hugos y boss / hugo jefe / Hugo Boss

Click Here


Rain Waterproof Boots / Rain Boots / Wellies

Click Here

Isabel Marant

Isabel Shoes

Click Here

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Click Here

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Shoes / Campbell Shoes

Click Here


Kenz / Kenzoe / Ken Paris / Jungle Paris

Click Here


Kipling / Kip / Kappling / Kiple/ Kipple / Kipled / KP

Click Here


Crocodile / Croc / LAC /Crocodile logo

Click Here


Lev / levs

Click Here


Loe we / Loe

Click Here

Longchamp bolsos

Long Champagne Bag

Click Here


Red Bottom Shoes / L0UB0RTIN

Click Here

Louis Vuitton

LV / Louis Bag / L* / L V* / Louis brand

Click Here

Massimo Dutti

Massimo mujer /Massimo / mossimo md / dutti

Click Here

MAC Cosmetics


Click Here



Click Here

Manolo Blahnik


Click Here

Marc Jacobs


Click Here



Click Here

Michael Kors

MK / kors / Michaeled / Michelled, Michaeled, korss , MK / michaeles / michaele

Click Here

Miss Sixty

Miss 60 / Miss Jeans / 60 Jeans

Click Here


Mizuno / M

Click Here


Monclearing / Monclear

Click Here

Mont Blanc

Mont / Mont Black

Click Here


McDonalds / Moschi / Milan Bolsa / Moshino

Click Here


Mulb bag / Berry Bags / Mulbe Leather Bag

Click Here

Naked Palettes

NK make–up / Naked palettes / NK eye shadow palette

Click Here

New Balance

N Shoes / NB shoes

Click Here


NK / Nikelis / NK Air Max / NIKINGS

Click Here

The North Face

NF / La Cara Norte

Click Here


Okly / O Sunglasses

Click Here


Pandora Charms / 925 sterling silver

Click Here

Paul Frank

Monkey clothes , Monkey logo

Click Here

Philipp Plein

Philipp /Philippe / PP

Click Here


Pra / Prad / Prd / Prado bag

Click Here


P-U-M-A / Pu ma

Click Here

Purificacion Garcia


Click Here


Quick Silver swimwear / QS

Click Here

Ralph Lauren

Horse / R L / Polo / Ralphly / Ralphs / Polo, Big Horse

Click Here

Ralph Lauren Polo

Gran Caballo / Polo

Click Here

Ray Ban

RB / G ray

Click Here


Reebok Shoes

Click Here


Role / roleingly

Click Here


SOK / Seiko / Seiko Watch

Click Here

Shoei Cascos


Click Here


Skechers Shoes

Click Here

Spy+ (Gafas de sol)

Ken Block

Click Here

Tiffany & Co.

Tif / Tiff / Tiffany / Tiffani

Click Here


timber / Martin boots / botas de madera

Click Here


Tissot / Tissotingly

Click Here

Tous / bear / teddy bear / tou / Spain Bear

Click Here

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommys / tommyingly / hilfiGerlying / Tommyed / Tomy

Click Here

Troy Lee Designs

TLD designs

Click Here


australian boots / Snow Boots / UGG / Uggly

Click Here

Urban Decay

UD / urban cosmetics / ud cosmetics

Click Here

Valentino Rossi

Val / MotoGP – VR

Click Here


Vansing / Canvas sneakers / Canvans / Vns

Click Here

Victoria Secret

VS / Victoria / Victoria underwear

Click Here for Bags

Click Here for Underwear

Yves Saint Laurent

YS_ / Y S L / YSL / ys bags women

Click Here


Zar / ZA / Zapa / ZA**

Click Here

List of Branded Replicas

*Some links may be broken due to the products getting sold out or vendor removing the listing. We will try our best to recover the search for all our readers, so do come back once in awhile to get the most updated listings.

How to buy stuff on Aliexpress?

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Aliexpress is a great shopping platform to find designer dupe products. It offers an almost infinite variety of items, and while some may be branded as “designer dupes,” others might just be similar looking but cheaper versions of well-known brands.

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To ensure that you’re getting the right product, it’s important to do your research first. Look at customer reviews and compare ratings before making any purchases.

Additionally, explore different categories and search for specific styles or designs that are particularly close to what you’re looking for.

You may also look through related products on Aliexpress to see if there are any deals available that match your needs exactly.

Once you’ve found a few potential matches, it’s time to buy!

Click on the item(s) that interest you and check out the details page carefully for seller information (such as shipping times), returns policy, warranty information, etc..

If everything looks good (and meets your criteria), click “buy now” to complete your purchase!

How to find designer dupe on Aliexpress?

Oxybags Backpack - LOUIS VUITTON Palm Springs Dupe Backpack, Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Dupe Backpack, How much is the LV Palm Springs backpack?, How can you tell a fake palm springs Louis Vuitton?, When did the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini backpack come out?, What is the Louis Vuitton backpack called?, How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack, When did the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini backpack come out?, How can you tell a fake palm springs Louis Vuitton?, How do you use LV mini backpack?,

If you’re looking for a designer dupe on Aliexpress, it’s important to first identify the item that you want to duplicate.

This can be done by searching for similar items in the search bar or by browsing through category pages. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it is time to start shopping.

When searching for designer dupes, it is important to pay attention to the details. Quality matters when attempting this type of replica and often times less expensive options may not deliver on those promises.

Next, make sure that the design elements are identical including colorways, patterns, and wording.

And lastly, compare prices before deciding if a product is worth purchasing or not. There are many great deals available on Aliexpress daily so don’t hesitate!

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Does Aliexpress sell branded items?

Yes, Aliexpress does sell branded items. However, before you purchase a branded item from Aliexpress, we iterate again, be sure to do your research.

You may want to compare the prices of similar brands on the site in order to get a better deal. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the brand is truly reputable and has a good reputation on the marketplace.

Some common complaints about brands sold on Aliexpress include counterfeiting and low quality products.

Therefore, it’s essential that you are confident in the product before making an investment.

How to find brands on DHgate 2024

High Quality Embroidered Bag - Christian Dior Book Tote Bag Dupes, Christian Dior Book Tote Bag Dupes, dior book tote dupe, tote bags can buy cheaper Dior book totes, How much does a Christian Dior book tote cost?, How can I tell if my Dior tote bag is real?, Do Christian Dior bags hold their value?, Can you customize Dior Book Tote?, best dior book tote dupes, dior book tote dupe amazon, dior book tote inspired bag, dior book tote dupe h&m, christian dior inspired bag, christian dior dupes, christian dior tote bag dupe dhgate, marc jacobs the tote bag dupe, lady dior bag dupe,

When you first log into DHGate, you are greeted by the front page where you can search for products.

You must scroll over “bags” in the categories area to the left and choose “fashion bags” in the pop-out box if you’re seeking for replicas of designer handbags.

You will be able to see plenty of different types of bags.

Why people look for branded replica items?

People look for branded replica items because they want to get the look and feel of the latest designer trends without causing a dent in their bank.

Branded replica items provide a way for people to enjoy the look and style of expensive products for much less money. This makes them attractive to individuals who want to stay fashionable without spending a fortune.

Moreover, these items often come with a much more affordable price tag and are often made with better quality materials than their authentic counterparts.

They also offer a much wider variety of styles and colors to suit a range of different tastes. That is why many people choose to buy branded replica items when they are looking to update their wardrobe without spending too much.

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