Top 10 Best Fake Airpods


Don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket to get those crazed AirPods? With prices starting at $159 a pair, they can really flush out your savings. To help you out, we’ve looked all over and got a list of the best class-A copies of Airpods you can find online for a fraction of the price!

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Best Fake Airpods

Who says you have to break the bank to stay tuned to your favorite playlist?

Check out the Top 10 Fake Airpods you can order right from your phone!

  • i50000 TWS

Price: $32.90

This latest model from the TWS product line is the exact replica of Apple’s famous AirPods, made with the highest-quality materials available in the market. With an exact copy of the size, the i50000 TWS makes your music experience even better with separate use for the left and right earphones and smart sensors to keep you listening to the music you love.

With features as good, if not better, than the original, the i50000 TWS trumps the Super Copy only with its more budget-friendly price, and exceptional battery life. You never have to carry 2 sets of AirPods or a bulky powerbank anymore!

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  • Airpods 2 Super Copy

Price: $39.00

This 1:1 replica of the classic AirPods comes in a second version to match the Airpods 2! Exact same size, same touch key, same charging cable, and with access to Siri’s voice control, the Super Copy is even better than the original.

Launched right after the Apple AirPods 2, this Super Copy’s best feature is the pop-up animation! Its next-generation W1 chip instantly connects to your iPhone and plugs you in to your favorite tunes! The pop-up animation also gives you easy access to your Airpods’ battery level so you can keep them juiced up all day long.

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  • Airpods Pro Clone / i10000 TWS

Price: $76.50

Released right after the launch of the AirPod Pro, its superb clone, also branded the i10000 TWS are an even better fit than the original model. The Airpod Pro Clone has been revamped with noise cancellation features that make it stand out from the other Fake Airpods.

It boasts in-ear sensors for easy control of the music selection and volume, and a booming bass. Enjoy hours of music streaming, podcasts, and more with the Clone’s extended battery life and quick charging capacity.

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  • i20 TWS

Price: $16.90

This nifty replica has features just like the Super Copy 1:1 with the high-class W1 chip but at a much cheaper price. Equipped with Q1 second-generation wireless charging, exact size copy, 3 hours of playtime, and the revolutionary W1 chip, the i20 is by far the best AirPod replica without spending a dime over $20!

While the audio quality isn’t as top-tier as the Super Copy or the i50000, the reinforced PP plastic material more than makes up for the difference in sound value. The i20 TWS has completely removed its predecessor i10 from the market with its improved features and gets you great value AirPods without breaking the bank!

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  • i100 TWS

Price: $17.00

Of course, there always comes a point in the product line that the rapid release of new models become redundant and mainly differ by name and enhanced speed or connectivity. We don’t recommend you follow each release after the i20, but if you don’t like getting left behind, you should go for the i100 TWS to get the most of the features without burning through your hard-earned bills.

The i100 comes with 1:1 size copies of the original AirPods, with the same 3D surround sound with booming bass, a LED light to indicate battery level, and wireless charging capacity. However, we did notice that the i100’s pop-up animation doesn’t work as quickly as the higher-tier TWS models or the Super Copy.

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  • i500 TWS

Price: $20.00

One of the higher-end models in the TWS Airpod line, the i500 boasts a new and improved accuracy on the battery level display, eliminating the defects from the previous models. This excellent AirPod copy also comes with a next-level in-ear sensor that automatically reroutes your phone’s audio to the i500 once you place them in your ears. Enjoy up to 5 hours of music and play with its improved battery life!

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  • i13 TWS

Price: $15.09

Launched way back in March 2019, this dual compatibility AirPod replicas have dropped to under $20! With reinforced 3D super bass sound, the i13 TWS automatically connects with your mobile phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android.

Its main feature, the touch control, lets you easily flip from one song to another and crank the volume up and down. The i13 TWS is the better, slightly more expensive counterpart of the i12 with its expanded battery life and multiple color options.

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  • SWYZOR i12 TWS

Price: $10.35

If you’re a little low on your budget but don’t want to cheapen your music streaming experience, the i12 TWS is your best bet. With 3D surround sound blasting out of double-cavity speakers, you can enjoy smart touch control and wireless charging from its previous models. Equipped with dual Bluetooth and USB connection, you never have to worry about annoying signal drops anymore!

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  • i100000 TWS Black Airpods

Price: $34.00

If you’ve been wanting high-quality AirPods in black without having to empty your wallet, the Airpods Pro Clone is the answer! With the same great features as its generation in the TWS product line, the i100000 also boasts separate use for left and right earphones and enhanced audio quality!

Equipped with second generation wireless charging and the all-new touch control, the i100000 is definitely a sleek contender in the list of top-quality AirPods. One store in AliExpress produced black variants of the excellent replica and dubbed it the i10000 – fancy, right?

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  • LK-TE9/10 AirPods Clone

Price: $18.99

While this may be an old model, the LK-TE9/10 holds up well with its counterparts in the market. One of the only differences the LK-TE9/10 has in comparison to the Super Copy is the location of the power button, where the LK-TE9/10’s is on the front while the Super Copy’s is on the back.

Also known as the i14 TWS, it boasts the same automatic Bluetooth pairing without going too high up the price range. It’s equipped with the same pop-up animation that instantly notifies you on your iPhone when the LK-TWE9/10 successfully pairs with your phone. Considering how fast the clone market shifts and adapts to modern trends, this older model combines style, function, and practicality all in one product!

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